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Slot Machines - Myths & Facts

Some Myths:

MYTH #1 - Slot machines that have received extended play with no significant payouts over the period are "due" to hit any time soon or even now. There is NO real truth to this myth. The outcome is decided by random probability factor.

MYTH #2 - If the machine feels cold to the touch, cold coins or tokens should be used to play it. If on the other hand, the machine is warm to the touch, then warmed up coins or tokens should be used. This is another of the myths that surrounds slot machines. The actually temperature of the slot machine and / or the coins that you put in it has absolutely NO bearing on the final outcome.

MYTH #3 - If a slot machine has just hit for the top jackpot, it will not hit again for a long time to come. Slot machines are ruled by randomness and probability factors, and this is what decides when the machine 'hits'. It could be two hours later, a day later, a month later, it's all up to chance.

MYTH #4 - Casinos tighten and loosen their slot machines at will. This is also not true. The slot machine chips that determine it's randomness are pre-programmed by the manufacturers and set to meet whatever state or location standards that may be applicable for it. While the casinos do keep an eye on who wins or loses, they do not "tweak" the machines.

Some Facts:

FACT #1 - Slot machines are NOT created equal. From the number of reels to the average payout rates, although they may look identical on the outside, on the inside, they are all totally different.

FACT #2 - The casino in almost all cases will have the advantage. Most slot machines are programmed to pay out between 83% and 99% of the coins placed into them. Rest assured that the American-Slots.Net free game that you can play here for free has a pay out rate of over 100%. It's not for real money but it's great fun so try it out for yourself right now.

FACT #3 - When the reels stop spinning and you get it up to the final combination of symbols, all that you're seeing on display is the "will" of the slot machines' microprocessor. You as the slot machine player can affect the outcome in no way whatsoever. No dance, jig, snap of the finger or particular thought at the moment can help you to win.

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